Post-PC v. Post-Web

by Richard C. Stimac

Diagram showing overview of cloud computing in...

Diagram showing overview of cloud computing including Google, Salesforce, Amazon, Axios Systems, Microsoft, Yahoo & Zoho (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With mobile devices, some have declared the death of the World Wide Web. Apps will rule the Internet from hence forward.

But this is business, not technology. The dominant technology will rule the world hence, and it’s not clear what this technology will be.

The greatest confusion lies in equating the Web with PCs. Granted, PCs will probably disappear and be replaced by mobile devices of some type.

The question remains, though, whether these mobile devices will be effective mini-PCs with more and more computing power that run apps instead of programs.

What’s the alternative, you ask?

The cloud.

Imagine a mobile device that has no computing power but can only access the cloud. No need for apps. In fact, a great need for mobile Web pages.

The Web rules in this scenario.

Now the question is business not technology.

Or, in other words, cloud computing service companies versus hardware companies.

Amazon wins in a cloud computing dominated market. Apple loses.

Apple wins in an app dominated market. Amazon loses.

These are big names and the stakes are very high.

An entire coffee shop culture will develop around this issue with an “I told you so” winning side and a “our technology is obviously better” losing side.

What side will it be?

Go study Beta versus VHS.

In other words, nobody knows.